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Helping hands , Helping mouths & mutual male masturbation

Written by: Adrien

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Masturbation between two people (mutual masturbation) is a very intimate experience which could be an unforgettable experience especially for people who don’t feel ready for sex.

Nothing is more exciting than observing the beautiful face of a man during the esctasy of orgasm, his breathing when he is close to ectasy keeping moaning over and over.

But above all which is amazing is the feeling you get when handling his penis during the pulsating and strong rush of cum with several jets and when getting in your hand a wet and slippery penis from the cum that rolled down his shaft.

At first it seems easy for a male to please another male. We know most of the rules but we do not know all details. It is better to let your friend starting to masturbate first and to observe where and how he will put his hands and fingers, how he will start stroking (speed, amplitude) ; we do not perform exactly in the same way. Some need lubricant ( oil, saliva) when others prefer dry contact.

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