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Penis appearance

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Flacid penis appearance varies considerably from one male to another. Have a look at 18 photos taken the same way. Or make your own test with 24 faces. Imagine their cock and click on the face to get the answer.(page1)

Public nudity promoted nowdays (i.e. World Naked Bike Ride, Male nude body painting festivals) is a good way to figure out penis shape situation. Naturism could help to understand that penis is just one small aspect of our physical body. (page2)

Erect penis size and shapes: a world of differences with only few properties we could modify. (page3)

Male genital shapes

It is like human faces there are as many shapes as people; it is still possible to classify them according to given criteriae:

  • shaved/unshaved
  • cut/uncut
  • flaccid penis size
  • flaccid penis angle
  • testicle size & low hanging degree
  • Favorite ones [1] seem to be with the following characteristics:

  • unshaved
  • uncut
  • zero flaccid penis angle
  • low hanging balls
  • Size is a popular topic as well. On one side there are discussions about the average normal penis size to help maximum of people to feel confortable with what they have got.

    On the other side, there is what we like to see. All means are good. All gay male studios have their own approach to promote their models with their photographs. Their artistic approaches leaded to emphasize nearly all styles. At the end it is only our decision to select what we like.

    One face, one penis

    But above pics are just clinical ones. They are there to describe carrefully reality. They are not there to stimulate your libido. You know that you cannot get aroused just by viewing one face but by knowing it is a starting point for more: flirting is on the way .
    Right now, if you like the face, you just need to click to see much more.

    By the way, you will see by yourself if there is any correlation between the face or one part of the face and penis shape or flacid penis size.

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    1. luke64 says:

      After been on here i feel much better about myself and more happy with my penis and myself.

    2. DocGeorge says:

      It’s important that men have a healthy attitude about and appreciation for their genitals and their appearance. One thing that many men often neglect is to keep up the health of the member. Regularly using a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is one way to help address common issues such as dry or flaky skin, odor, etc.

    3. Ajsdnyc says:

      Useful information. an overwhelming number of the pictures are of white men, and white penises. Only one picture of Black man, no pictures of Asian men. Is this information only for White guys?

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