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Male armpit fetish

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Theoretically, sexual fetish only deals with objects as shoes, underclothes not with parts of the body ( armpits, feet, legs…).

The right word to use in this case is most probably “Partialism” which is a sexual addiction to specific parts or features of the human body.

But in fact , today, many people agree to include into fetish a wide topic area covering objects, parts of the body and situations; going into more details it gives :

1) Part of the body: face( hair, mouth , eyes), arms (arpit), torso (shoulders, six pacs abs, nipples) , buttocks, cock , balls (low hanging balls) , legs ( thighs, knee, calves, ankle) , feet.

2) Objects: clothing ( underwear, suits, uniforms, socks, fashion ), shoes, whips, dildos, fucking machines.

3) Specific materials or accessories such as: leather, PVC, vinyl, rubber, latex, silk, satin, velvet, furr, tattoes.

4) Places and Situations: working place , sex clubs, cinemas, saunas, dark rooms, Mens Locker Rooms, beaches, prison cells, Public Nudity, kiss, masturbation, gangbang, stiptease, strip poker, nude spin bottle, BDSM , pissing, cross-dressing, glory holes, smokers, voyeur, webcam, deep cock throating, Sperm Cult, sperm eating, fart.

5) Some abstractions: youth, beauty, etnicity, amateur, interracial, straigth acting as gay, bisexual, power, submission, humiliation (spanking) , shemale, crossdress.

When fetish disturbs day to day life by pushing you not to handle your ordinary life properly (job, eating, sleeping, social life) it could be classified as an addiction.

Fetish covers many aspects and will be more and more openly known. The first International Fetish Day was held this year on 16 January 2009 with the main purpose to increase awareness and support of the fetish community, and encourage members of the community to be more open about their sexuality.

This post just deals with male armpit fetish. Previous posts have covered men leg fetish.

"In male erotic photography and porn, it is not uncommon to see men with an arm raised and their face sensuously turned toward their armpits or even licking or kissing the area for the camera. This has a very intimate feeling to it due to the fact that in general most people rarely display their armpits deliberately or at all.

Armpits are largely covered, either by sleeves or by the arms themselves, so that this body part, generally not considered sexual, is seen less than other human body parts that aren’t considered erogenous zones."

"In reality, armpits are often more sensitive than many other parts of the human body and are often more ticklish. Some male armpit fetishists place their penis in the armpit area. Their male or female partner than lowers their arm, adding light pressure to the penis and the penis then moves up and down, simulating intercourse. This is sometimes referred to as armpit fucking." (Gaydemon)

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