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Male Armpit, Nipple , Breast & Torso

Written by: laury

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“Stroke them, pinch them, suck them. Just don’t leave them alone.”


Photo credit: Ikarus  Jason Home Alone

“We all have nipples, people… the male nipple may be the only part of a man’s body whose only discernible purpose is sexual pleasure.”
That’s terribly right.  Never forget!
I’m myself a sucker for tastey nipples that invite you to play with them endlessly …

His hands were feeling my tits up quite roughly , squeezing my nipples with his lips […]

“You’ve got nice tits,” he said, encircling my nipples with his teeths  […]

begining to run it around in a small circle […] taking each of the tiny mounds between his fingers, rolling them around gently […]

Matthew smiled to himself when he felt the little nipples growing  erected[…]
Once Matthew’s lips were close to Ethan’s beast, he gently
kissed one of the tiny nipples. Ethan giggled and wiggled around
under the boy’s kiss. Matthew moved to the other nipple and
repeated his kiss, causing Ethan to giggle and wiggle more.

Nipples are a highly  erogenous zone with  many  nerve endings. When stimulated they are more  sensitive; they even  become harder with some  erection  as the body provides them with more blood.

Tit play ranges from licking, rubbing and sucking   to pinching , pulling, biting and pinching. With more attention nipples often become more  responsive, give greater pleasure and increase in size. Unless you’ve been given instructions, start  to find out first whether your guy likes it. Moans and whimpering usually indicate you’re on the right way. If not, ask him if he likes it, it does not harm. Moderate tit play is a real turn-on for many of us.

But a surprising number of guys  just assume it’s what other guys want and  start playing – strongly;they don’t think about how they’re doing. If you are in that situation , just ask your guy to slow down telling  him how you like it.

Some guys have their nipples pierced with rings or bars, which can make their nipples more  sensitive or be purely decorative. Do not swallow them by accident as eager partners. If it happens do not worry it just take 12 hours or so to get them back , just time to pass through the digestive system. If you have any concerns – get yourself to an accident and emergency department. If you’ve got nothing better to do – buy a metal detector.

For some guys, the more attention their nipples receive the more they want.
They have discovered a new sensation and they want you to play with them.
More advanced play except for  teeths will include tit clamps, which tightly pinch the nipples , or stimulation with extremes  heat or cold temperatures.
Over a period of years, nipples are looking stronger and longer.
It is a good thing : you directly know who is into that.

Unresponsive tits? “My tits are pretty unresponsive, so I tried getting them pierced. The rings didn’t really improve the feeling, though they do look nice.” When it comes to nipple play, the variety is nearly endless. There are the basics — stroking, sucking, pinching, pulling, nibbling with or without tools as “titclamps”, spring-loaded or compressible pincers that hold nipples in their grip.

Erotic tit handling – like many other sexually oriented practices has seen a tremendous increase as a results of the Internet. Nipple handling is one of the way to bring us right to the hedge.


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